Dorm & College Storage

Going off to school can be a big step in your life no matter your age or chosen field of study. Even attending a local college can be a good chance to spread your wings and find independence. Allow us to lend you a hand. Whether this is your first time living away from home, or you simply have a few more things than you can fit in your dorm or apartment, we are certain we have the space for you. Attending classes will certainly give you plenty to busy yourself with, so do not waste time trying to figure out where to keep all your things, that is why we are here.

Across the Street or Across the State?

Getting into the school of your choice can be a groundbreaking moment in your life, but it might also mean a considerable move. Often, students find themselves moving out of their current home even when they do not travel far for school. This can leave parents or other loved ones as the unwilling custodians of large amounts of personal belongings they don’t necessarily want to keep in their home anymore. Dorm rooms and student housing can be cramped, to say the least, and often do not have space for a lot of things, so where does it go? Our student storage enables you to keep your belongings safe for a semester, or for several years, so you can focus on your education.

Unforeseen Expenses

College has an ever-increasing price tag associated with it, and student housing usually does not come cheap either. Having an affordable, reliable solution for anything can be a load off of your mind and wallet. Our college storage is not just reliable, but cost-effective, offering a range of unit sizes so you only get what you need at a price you can afford. Practically all of our amenities come standard, so you will not have to worry about upcharges. Contact us today to see what we can offer you and let us find a solution that works for you.

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